MH 17

Beste lezers,
bij hoge uitzondering plaats ik vandaag een Engelstalig stuk dat ik geschreven heb over vlucht MH 17. Het stuk staat sinds een paar dagen op mijn andere website, en ik “herblog” het hier, omdat ik het ook met jullie wil delen.

Anastasia Hacopian

It wasn’t even midday and my brow was beaded with sweat. Summer break in the Netherlands had only just begun, and my kids were already whining from boredom. In another life, far away in Southern California, I would have hopped into the car and driven to Starbucks: frappuccino for me, pink Tazo tea for the kids, air conditioning.

The Dutch version of that suburban escape plan looked a little different, applied to my life here a good hour away from Amsterdam. It involved a bus ride, a train trip and the Starbucks at Schiphol, the country’s main airport. The café there is the biggest of the few Starbucks cafés within my reach. The cheesecake is pricey, sliced small and very American. But it’s worth it, because of the airport. We love it, even when we’re not going anywhere. My kids watch the planes take off and land, while I rest…

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